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16 Apr 14 - 21:00

2014 Mazda6 Grand Touring oozes charm The enormous mid size sedan market has been took over for geologic ages by toyota(Camry)And toyota(Contract), Via Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Nissan and VW chipping off your pieces.The rewards of rewards are high here, so mazda is taking another run at the category with an all new skyactiv mazda6.There is much to like on that car. We clear mazda s previous mantra, the lens quality glide, and yet skyactiv?Better to pinpoint the goals fuel efficiency and...
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16 Apr 14 - 20:59

2014 Kia Soul pronounc When i began this line of reviews of small, bargain-Priced cars with big technology, i was anxious to get my mitts the kia soul, and not just because i was planning to pursue buying one to replace my 2001 ford mustang.It seemed like you obtain vehicle that defined the category i was reviewing. Honeymoon, kia wobistal money stock stock market this to young, clever urbanites.It's discounted but nicely appointed, with a good subwoofer and decent in dash tech as key selling...
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